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 The Emissary: "A stirring first instalment in a sprawling epic fantasy...

evocative story ...passionately and engagingly written..."-- Kirkus Reviews 

A timeless tale of love reborn throughout the ages.

Book covers The Emissary,The Emerald Tablet,  and The Ancient Book of Changes

The Emissary, Book I

The Emissary, Maxwell Quinn, a laid-back, pot-smoking blogger based in Seattle, is no ordinary soul. He is the reincarnation of Marcus, born 13,000 years ago in the land of Atitala during mankind’s Golden Age. Since then Marcus has been reincarnated an exhausting number of times, and his energy is waning. Through it all, his purpose remains clear – to guide mankind in its evolution and to reunite with his true love, Theron, but evil always stands in his way – until now.

Mixing spirituality, fantasy, and adventure, The Emissary is a sprawling novel that takes readers on an epic journey as they witness history through Marcus’s many lives. 

As a child in Atitala, Marcus and his best friends Theron and Helghul enjoy the advantages of living in a peaceful, sacred world. But chaos is on the horizon, and their ancient land is about to be destroyed. To ensure civilization’s survival, the Elders of Atitala select a small group of Emissaries, including the three youngsters, who through many reincarnations are destined to lead humanity into an era of peace and prosperity. But tragedy strikes. Marcus and Theron are separated as they flee Atitala, while Helghul is possessed by the forces of evil. Each time that Marcus and Theron are reunited through the ages, Helghul brutalizes them and forces them apart, determined to ruin all hope for mankind’s salvation.

The Emerald Tablet , Book II in The One Great Year Series is now available!

The Emissary's journey continues, through Plato and Socrates' lifetimes in  Ancient Greece, then into Genghis Khan's brutal war torn Dark Age and descending into the deepest recesses of humanity during WW II. 

Present Day Quinn is finally reunited with his soulmate but things go terribly wrong and he might be to blame. How will The Emissary redeem himself and thwart the King of the Adversaries Helghul? The Emerald Tablet is an in-depth, heart wrenching journey through time. 

Intertwining the elements of great writing with deep philosophical thought and natural history. The Emissary is a reincarnation tale that explores the many facets of love and the breadth of anguish and joy that all souls must endure in life. It is an unforgettable tale of eternal love, betrayal, and the hope that binds us all. This book is destined to become a classic. 


The Authors

Rene DeFazio and Tamara Veitch are  a husband and wife writing team. Rene is an actor, producer and author. Tamara studied English,History and General Arts at Simon Fraser University. The co-authors have been writing together for nearly a decade. In 2012 they received Honorable mention from the New York Book Festival and The London Book Festival. In 2014 they were each awarded an Empowered Writers Award at the World International Peace festival In Vancouver BC, Canada. Tamara and Rene continue creating The One Great Year Series and traveling the world  researching with their children. They are grateful for the support of their faithful readers and hope you truly enjoy your journey into the world of The One Great Year Series. 


The Ancient Book of Changes, Book III coming October 2020!

The Ancient Book of Changes Book III, The Emissary's journey makes a fantastic turn and Theron and Helghul's relationship becomes even more strange and disturbing. Marcus realizes that all of his choices have consequences, and the battle between good and evil reaches a new climax. The entire world hangs in the balance and unity and love strive to overcome the darkness. 

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