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The Emissary is a reincarnation fantasy adventure! "Pragmatic and excellent beginning for a new fantasy series"

"5 Stars: I was engrossed in this novel from page one. The characters, the spiritual theme, and the incredible descriptions  of historical events were so unique, it was exactly what I was looking for. It took me away from my own world, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. What a terrific way to spend a rainy afternoon!! More, please." -- S.Denholm, verified Amazon purchase.

"5 Stars: This book touches several ancient Indian concepts...I was taken back in time and into a mystical world while reading this book and I was truly engrossed. The ability they have to be vividly descriptive and allow their readers to picturize everything is simply amazing. This book made me realize how we are driven by and towards materialism and insignificant things while we must be focusing on much greater calling. I believe that they might have actually  manage to wake up my snoozed spiritual self.  The idea of possessing empathy and to live with compassion instead of selfish desires is something to think about. The ability to look beyond yourself and be a part of something superior to the betterment of the society is something we all need to thrive for... With so much suffering in the world and so little hope left, books like this makes you believe in mankind again. To know that there are still people out there who believe in this purpose is a calming thought. " --Urban Caver  India, Goodreads and Blog. (See media page for link to  full review )

"5 Stars: Creatively written- I loved this book.. The story draws you in from the beginning and keeps you there. One of the best books I’ve read in years. Can’t wait for book two! --Tori , verified Amazon Purchase.

"5 Stars: An Epic Tale of Enduring Love- This book should be made into a movie!!! With every chapter I read I could see the characters come to life in my minds eye. This is an epic tale of enduring love despite all the obstacles that are put before us. I can’t wait to read book two!!! --Angela, verified Amazon Purchase.

"4 Stars:  It is an ambitious story, and one that succeeds because Veitch and DeFazio’s prose moves smoothly allowing readers to feel the full force of the story with anxiety or confusion regarding time, character, or events…This is a world you will want to be drawn into–at once complicated and straight-forward, pragmatic and fantastic–making  The Emissary not just a solid first novel but an excellent beginning for a new fantasy series.

The blend of mythology, spiritualism, and adventure makes this fantasy story engaging. In addition, Veitch and DeFazio have written their primary character as an elegantly torn protagonist… The story moves deftly from the personal drama between the Atitalans to the grand drama of civilization(s). The Emissary presents us with a seemingly never-ending cycle that we know and feel must come to a profound climax in both narratives, but it is unclear which will overcome the odds. Readers who love their fantasy to have a touch of science fiction, feel real, and embrace chaos will find the novel immensely satisfying. As an adventure novel and a literally timeless love story, The Emissary challenges readers to think past assumptions and embrace wonder. The stakes of the novel are ultimate, the very existence of humanity in the battle between Good and Evil giving readers all the drama they could want." --Misanthropester,  (see media page for link to full blog review)

"4 Stars:  The Emissary... A story that is engaging and written with a passion that is sure to stay with (you)  long after reading. Veitch and DeFazio have created a world of the unknown that is unlike any other. A world where you never know what is lurking just beyond the shadows. The Emissary is a thrilling and exciting first book in a fascinating series that ends with a To Be Continued note for a cliffhanger. ** I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review." Truly Trendy (see media page for link to full blog review)

“An epic love story but so much more. Swept me through time and space. A must read for anyone questioning the reason for being. Can’t wait for the next book.”- Patricia Corbett Bowman Author of Back In Her Time and Tim, Cookie, and a Matter of Security.


"Where to begin to congratulate you on this extraordinary, cutting edge, landmark book? …It is immensely clever, immensely important for us in the West…a book that will be referred to in years to come …. a turning point in the collective psyche…” --Meg Robinson, Author of Drawn By A Star, Andalucia Spain.


"The real beauty of this book is how it encourages the reader to think ‘outside the box’. Well written and engaging, the story line combines, history, philosophy, fantasy and romance. The minute I finished, I was ready to read it all over; that is the measure of a great book. I highly recommend it.” --Bob Ternes, North Vancouver, BC.



"Evocative story..."

"Evocative story...passionately and engagingly written... a stirring first instalment in a sprawling fantasy epic..." 

--Kirkus Reviews


 --Readers' Favorite Review

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